Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Finding Cheap, Chic, and Unique

I have never noticed my knack for finding amazing deals until recently. I always thought everyone knew about these "so called secrets", but apparently not. I guess it doesn't hurt to share the wealth. :)

1. Ebay: Now I know everyone knows about ebay, but very few seem to explore it. Which is quite a shame. Know what to look for.
  • If you are looking for Cheap and Unique start with Vintage. For trendy items that are sure to be hot again this fall/winter look for them around summer time to get the best prices. Remember that fur vest you couldn't seem to find (affordable at least), or that great pair of motorcycle/riding boots? Now is the time to look! While sorting through all the listings from keywords such as vintage dress can be overwhelming, I have listed a few of my favorite vintage ebay stores that always have a great selection.

Vintage Escada Boyfriend Blazer: Ended at $38.00
  • Designer items can also be found at reasonable prices, especially gently used. A few of my favorite things to look for are used/vintage Louis Vuitton bags, new or gently used shoes such as chloe, louboutin, or miu miu. Be careful of fakes however these faux finds can also be a good thing. Many suppliers in China and HK list faux louis, tiffany, and even ray ban wayfarers. Great thing is... these are VERY affordable and are usually fairly good quality (for what you pay for atleast). Dont ever buy any authentic bag without the listing specifying it's authentic. Otherwise you may end up paying a high price for a not so high quality bag. Louis below sold for $50, and wayfarers for $55.00 (retail $110.00)

2. Outlet Stores and Off-Price Retailer
  • Now I know not everyone is within close proximity to a great outlet but if ever in the Orlando area check out the Premier Designer Outlets and the Prime Outlets. You can find Neiman Marcus Outlet "Last Call", Saks Fifth Avenue Outlet "Off Fifth", Coach, Kate Spade, Cole Haan, Juicy Couture, the list is endless. Sign up for these outlet's member only emails and receive coupons to take up to an extra 75% of all ready discounted prices. Now that is UNordinary! The outfit below was purchased at Off Fifth for about $200.00. Tory Burch Top originally $425.00, and skirt originally $225.00. Recent purchases also include a silk scarf from Coach $40 bucks, Juicy Tracksuit $80, Coach Dog Collar $25.

  • TJMaxx, Loehmanns, Century 21, Ross, Marshalls. There really is no excuse not to find something amazing at these stores! My favorite being TJMaxx, only because I can always find an excuse to buy a $10.00 yoga mat, cheap/amazing spa and salon products like Ahava, Bliss, Bedhead, Bumble and Bumble; or my recent fabulous South Beach Extravaganza purchase: A Trina Turk bikini for under $50.00!
3. Vintage Stores, Markets/Flea Markets, Goodwill & Thrift Stores, Consignment Shops
  • Check out local goodwill stores, thrift shops, yard sales and flea markets for amazing treasures! You will have to have alot of patience during these adventures, and dig through alot of shit to find you newest addition... but it could be well worth it! Check in your local newspaper for yard sale advertisements, and hit up the local fleas.
Favorite Fleas/Markets:

4. SAMPLE SALES: My favorite part of living in the city, and new yorkers reason for staying thin (to fit into sample size of course!)


Anonymous said...

Wow - very impressive Chelsea

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Ciao Bella

Maverick Malone said...

Great tips! I still have yet to shop on ebay!

Cari (Is Not Fashion) said...

i love outlet shoppping! i am going tomorrow eeeeeee my wallet is scared!

Anonymous said...

lucky you! i never EVER find anything that i like in such slashed prices on ebay. :(

blazer is Amazing!